We launched the first edition of the Alkeemia Cup: a sporting event dedicated to the inclusion of children with disabilities.

In collaboration with Venezia FC and F.C. SPINEA with its ForMeDabili project (aimed at breaking down all barriers for people with different abilities), we wanted to create a special moment of aggregation to contribute to the support of families and young people with disabilities, dedicating a day of recreation and celebration to them.

In fact, at the innovative center of Venezia FC, Ca’ Venezia, a football quadrangular took place in which teams made up of young people with disabilities competed, united by the passion for sport and for the values it represents: equality, solidarity and aggregation.

We are constantly committed to the development of the territory and its community and therefore, sharing the values of inclusion and equality of sport, we have decided to organize a moment of leisure that can become an important opportunity for awareness and solidarity for the entire community.

During the event, the ForMeDAbili of F.C. Spinea 1966, Montebelluna (promoted by the Sport Life Onlus association), ASD Format Ferrara and a representation of Bologna FC (in support of the non-profit organization Senza Barriere) competed.

Matches played in the name of love for sport and football,
in which all teams were rewarded for their participation in the event and for their commitment,
beyond the simple result on the field.