Fluorine chemistry:
research, development, innovation

ALKEEMIA Porto Marghera plant is the ideal platform for developing selective fluorination chemistry with the aim of scouting new molecules, materials and production process of existing intermediates.

Applications of interest range from battery materials to oil&gas process, surface treatment, pharmaceutical intermediates and agrochemicals.

Research & Development

A brand new laboratory has been equipped specifically to handle HF chemistry and it is managed by a team of technicians trained  to keep the highest safety standards.

By promoting an open innovation approach, research activities are supported by collaborations with different research institutes in Padua, Venice, Cagliari and Rome.

Technological Vision

“Making access to Fluorine easier”.

Porto Marghera plant aims to become a new European hub for the research and manufacturing of fluorinated products especially for Lithium ion battery chemicals, pharma and agro building blocks and oil&gas process aids.


Vision deployment is represented by a clear strategy of providing products which directly fit specific applications as Lithium salts or additives for energy storage, developing fluorinating agents to facilitate Fluorine introduction into a substrate and setting a manufacturing platform for outsourcing services.

Area of Developments

Energy storage (Lithium Salts)

ALKEEMIA enters this segment with an innovative project focused on the production of LiPF6 (key ingredient for Lithium-Ion batteries), approved and funded by the European IPCEI (Important Projects of Common European Interest) program, an important recognition of public interest within the new European next-generation battery supply chain. Outcome of this project will be the implementation of a manufacturing line by 2025.


Energy storage (Additives)

Additives for electrolyte are of great interest to enhance the battery performance and rely on the introduction of fluorine in specific substrate (i.e LiDFBOP, LiDFOB, LiDFOP, FEC, HFPN).

Organic synthesis (Fluorinating agents)

R&D team is developing a wide range of products with the aim of providing a safe-to-handle solution to the challenge of fluorination reactions.

Area of interest for these systems goes from pharmaceutical to agrochemical and oil&gas wherever an alternative to HF is needed or desired.

Each system presents a unique reactivity and it is customizable on a specific process.


Key intermediates and Building Blocks

Fluorination expertise is available for developing alternative routes for fluorine introduction which can provide late stage possibilities and improving process efficiency.


Fluorination Hub Development

The creation of a European Reference Hub sees the implementation of assets to assist the development of each collaboration.

In addition to HF-based technology, Alkeemia’s strategy also includes the introduction of complementary techniques such as F2 gas (already present in the past) and SF4.



Relationship with the territory and responsible development


Hydrofluoric acid and fluoroderivatives:
quality and reliability for the products of the future.