The European leader
of fluorine chemistry

ALKEEMIA is one of Europe’s largest producers of hydrofluoric acid and fluoroderivatives.

The company operates through its plants in Porto Marghera (Venice) and Frankfurt, from which major manufacturers operating in the fluoropolymer, refrigerant, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, electronics, metallurgy, fertilizer, construction and other industries are supplied.

With its technological expertise and great industrial tradition of respect and responsible development, ALKEEMIA works with quality and reliability alongside its partners to make the products of the future.


Investing daily in people, facilities, and processes to create lasting value for our host communities, partners, workers and shareholders.

Our purpose & values

ALKEEMIA’s purpose is to meet the present and future needs of our partners through excellence in products and services, the result of skills derived from the combination of a long industrial tradition and a continuous drive towards the frontier of innovation.

We care for:


An ongoing commitment to maintaining a safe, innovative, inclusive, and rewarding work environment in which original ideas and new perspectives are freely developed, encouraging people’s growth and land-friendly development.


At ALKEEMIA there is full awareness of the potential undesirable effects of industrial activities on the integrity of the environment.
The focus on relentless minimization of this impact is not just a corporate goal, but an integral pillar of our very essence. ALKEEMIA understands that The Company of the Future does not compromise on respect for nature.


In ALKEEMIA coexist the continuous focus on making products of the highest purity and the unceasing research in our laboratories of new solutions for our partners.

Our business

Anhydrous hydrofluoric acid (AHF) is the precursor to almost all fluorine-based chemicals.
AHF in Porto Marghera is primarily dedicated to the fluoropolymer industry, but also serves the agro/pharmaceutical industry, refrigerants, and oil refineries. 

Fluoropolymers are used in a wide range of applications: automotive, electronics, energy, chemical, household appliances and many others. 

In the lithium-ion battery industry, all electrolytes are based on fluorinated inorganic salts. The fledgling European battery industry expects to absorb significant quantities of LiPF6, the electrolyte salt that ALKEEMIA will produce in Porto Marghera.

Safety of the production

ALKEEMIA’s facilities meet all the standards and requirements demanded by the authorities to ensure the safe conduct of all operations necessary for its production cycle.

Respect of the environment

ALKEEMIA’s production cycle is planned in such a way as to reach the best climate neutrality standard. SWe are, in addition, constantly working to make improvements and efficiency works to achieve higher standards of climate neutrality while increasing our production capacity.

Sustainability of the production line

The goal of ALKEEMIA is to constitute a production reality that gives back to the environment, through its activities, more than it subtracts from it. In particular, the Porto Marghera plant, through its interventions and operations of efficiency and expansion, hopes to reconstitute the image of the Veneto chemical hub according to a new, sustainable, and innovative look.


Porto Marghera Facility

The ALKEEMIA plant is located within the large petrochemical complex in Porto Marghera, which includes several major petrochemical activities.
It insists on a total area of one hundred and twenty-five thousand square meters, almost fifteen thousand of which are covered. 

It has a production capacity of 27,000 tons/year of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid (AHF), also produces hydrofluoric acid in solution, fluorosilicic acid, and calcium sulfate (granular gypsum and ground anhydrite).


CF Carbons Frankfurt Facility

The plant is located within the large Industriepark Hoechst complex in the Frankfurt area.
CF Carbons is a 50/50 joint venture between ALKEEMIA and Nobian (formerly Akzo Nobel Chemicals); the two shareholders are also the suppliers of the two raw materials, AHF and chloroform, respectively.

CF Carbons produces chlorodifluoromethane (HCFC-22 or, more commonly, R22), a raw material for many fluoropolymers, including PTFE, ETFE, and others. Production capacity is 24,000 tons/year.


Relationship with the territory and responsible development


Fluorine chemistry:
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